The Blackrock College SVP Conference members provide assistance to the poor and disadvantaged members of our community in a numbers of ways:​

They provide targeted Education Support (in consultation with the local educational professional and the local SVP Conference of St Catherine’s in West Tallaght), for third level students from the disadvantaged areas in this deprived location. This tried and tested strategy helps the students to overcome their difficult backgrounds and helps them to succeed and become a source of inspiration to other budding students in the area who are hoping to break out of the poverty trap. Currently, 11 students, mainly from under-privileged areas in West Tallaght, have been supported in their third level studies.​​

Targeted Educational Support is also provided in such areas as cognitive assessments, speech and language therapy and a supervised Leaving Cert Study Group in Killinarden Community School.

Conference members also support the SVP Visitation Programme in Killinarden on three out of four weeks per month in response to requests for help from families, many of whom are in dire need of caring help that is quietly offered with dignity. So far this year, 1,445 visits have been made to families requesting assistance in Killinarden. More specialised professional assistance is provided by the Panel of Advisors which is facilitated by Blackrock College Union members.

On an annual basis, 200 SVP Christmas hampers are prepared by the college students under the Transition Year Dean’s expert management. These hampers are delivered to families in need of help, in Killinarden, West Tallaght, by the parents and Transition Year students and Union volunteers. This provides members of the Blackrock College school community, the opportunity to see at first hand, the tough living conditions endured by the recipient families.

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